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Our Rates

IT Section TDS Rate Threshold limit
Section 192 According to income slab According to income slab
Section 193 10% of income from interests on securities NIL
Section 194 10% of income from deemed dividends NIL
Section 194A 10% of income from interests other than those on securities 5,000
Section 194B 30% of lottery or game-related winning 10,000
Section 194BB 30% of income from horse racing 5,000
Section 194C 1% of earning from contracts or sub contracts for individuals
and HUF (Hindu Unified Families) 2% for corporates
Section 194D 10% of income from insurance commissions 20,000
Section 194EE 20% of payment in NSS deposits 2,500
Section 194F 20% of payment made for repurchase of UTI or MF units NIL
Section 194G 10% of commission earned from selling lottery tickets 1,000
Section 194H 10% of commission or brokerage earnings 5,000
Section 194I 2% of rent of plant and machinery 10% of rent
of land, building, fitting, or furniture
1.8 lacs
Section 194J 10% of fees for technical or professional services NIL
Section 194L 10% of compensation payment made to a resident
when acquisitioning some immovable property
1 lacs

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